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Fountain beverages have been around for over 100 years, the basic components are water, syrup, carbon dioxide gas and a cooling system. Flash forward to today, the components are basically the same, but they are more consistent and can provide a great drink as long as they are properly maintained.


Each component of the fountain drink is important, but the most importance is undauntedly, water. Over 80% of the finished drink is water, neglecting to filter the water source for the fountain is asking for trouble. Simply put, while your tap water may be drinkable, carbonating this water will bring out all the off taste, chlorine and other dissolved solids. This is why the industry leaders, McDonalds, Burger King & Subway all filter their water source, why take a chance?


Syrup, the flavors, such as Coca-Cola or Sprite all have “enjoy by dates”, they represent when the product is at its freshest. When the “enjoy by date” expires the product begins to lose that crisp clean flavor profile, always keep your syrups fresh. Most have a total shelf life of 75 to 120 days. This is important. If you don’t have enough sales you’ll end up either throwing away syrup that’s past the “enjoy by date” or serve expired syrup to your customers, not a good idea.


Carbon dioxide gas or Co2, simple, just make sure you get your gas from a reputable vendor. Co2 is used to make your carbonation; typical fountain systems use 105 psi to carbonate beverages in the motor driven carbonator.


Cooling, today’s fountain dispensers are able to maintain a consistent temperature, most from 33 to 39 degrees, the colder the better.  Every degree over 40 degrees you lose about 3% to 5% of your carbonation.  An example of lost carbonation, take a regular 2 litre soft drink bottle off the shelf, pour it in a glass of ice, what do you get? Foam right, that foam is actually the carbonation leaving the drink? So keeping the drink cold is critical to a good carbonated drink.


These are the basic components of fountain beverages, each can be its own world of different circumstances, best to call us if you have any question. No obligation, we just want to make sure you get it right.

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