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What you need to know BEFORE you buy an ice maker.

Whether you’re an accomplished restaurateur or opening up your first fast food restaurant, knowing the in’s and outs of buying and maintaining your ice maker is critical to insure it’s longevity and to be free of unnecessary repairs. We believe there are a few considerations your need to address before you buy your ice maker, sizing the ice maker properly, locating the ice maker in the best possible location at your store and MOST importantly, keeping it clean inside and out including the number one ingredient, water!


1. Sizing- how much ice are you going to need and how fast are you going to use it? A safe bet is you’ll use about 8oz of ice for every 20 oz. soft drink cup. Lets do the math, pour 100 drinks and you’ll use 50 pounds of ice. If you use this much ice in a day or a lunch rush you’ll have to calculate how fast your ice maker needs to replace that ice. We can help you make this decision, just give us a call.

Some basic recommendations are below:

-Less than 40 drinks per day, use a space friendly under counter unit, out of the way and easily maintained.

-40 to 80 drinks a day, 250-350 capability ice maker.

-Over 80 drinks a day, at least a 500 pound and above capable ice maker.

2. Ice maker placement, insure your ice maker is in a well ventilated area. The larger the ice maker the more heat btu’s are emitted as the unit makes ice. If you don’t have good ventilation the ice maker will work harder and harder to make ice and reducing the life of the unit. Make sire you have six inches all around the ice maker for good air flow as well. Also, make sure you are free of airborne bacteria, yeast, deep fryers and other food systems that will cause havoc in your ice maker. This may cause slime and mold in your ice maker.

3. Keeping it clean, customers are trusting you’ll consider their health and keep mold and slime as well as hard water deposits from growing inside the ice maker.  These issues can arise quickly in a matter of a few months. The water source must be filtered,  removing as much of the impurities from the water will decrease maintenance issues and improve the quality of the ice. Full cleaning of the ice maker annually is a must, often twice a year if needed. Call us, we can help!

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